The Loën quarry is located in a very particular context. Installed at the heart of a site renowned well beyond the regional borders for its natural riches, it constitutes a part of an inescapable puzzle for the circulation of species, animal and vegetable alike, within the Montagne St Pierre range. It establishes an obvious connection between various Natura 2000 sites and several nature reserves. It creates links between the valleys of the Meuse and the Geer and allows a junction between the particular elements of biodiversity that are encountered on either side of the quarry.

This situation entails the presence, in the quarry, of a large variety of sometimes rare species. Furthermore, the potential biodiversity there is even more enormous thanks to the appropriate management of certain environments.

This biodiversity, present or to come, can be appreciated by a course which enables it to be discovered and understood. The Loën Quarry could thus constitute an invaluable awareness-raising tool for the Heidelberg Group’s staff, for it is important that the latter be conscious of the wealth which the exploitation sites can contain.