Everyday biodiversity is confronted with multiple aggressions due to human activities. Despite the many efforts made so far, we are still witnessing the disappearance of certain species. In Benin, the Mono Department has been for a long time neglected area of biodiversity conservation although it contains threatened species. Located in the Mono department, the city of Lokossa, that shelters Fongba quarry, has suffered significant loss of biodiversity due to human pressure. We are convinced that biodiversity sustainable conservation is not possible without the involvement of all actors, particularly youth. This justifies our project, which aims to strengthen the conservation of biodiversity in Lokossa through the involvement of the populations, particularly youth. To strengthen the understanding of biodiversity notion and its importance at Lokossa, we will conduct awareness campaigns in the city. An environmental education booklet will be designed, produced and distributed in schools and will serve as a basis for environmental education courses at local, national and regional levels. We will implement an environmental education program consisting of 6 lessons (theoretical, practical and excursion). Approximately 200 schoolchildren will participate in the program and will be ambassadors of biodiversity to their peers and parents.