This project implies construction of artificial wetlands and specific devices that are environmentally accepted for water purification on the Ribnica river in the quarry. Placing artificial wetlands in the presence of aquatic and ground plant organisms (genus of algae: : Spirogira sp. and Cladofora), resistant to degraded state, contributes to the development and survival of pre-existing species and introduction of new species. This way, level of oxygen and nutrients will increase. In addition, wetlands allows the maintenance and preservation of exicting biodiversity and contribute to its spread. The idea involves setting up two artificial wetlands, trial and experimental, whose aim is to compare the progress of regeneration of natural environment. By placing devices on the Ribnica river, our goal is to produce water fit for a specific purpose in an efficient and convenient way. We can achieve that with combination of specific plant species along with gravel and stones that serve as the filtrate. Using this method the flow of less contaminated water to an artificial wetland will reduce. Ultimately, better quality and cleaner water allows introduction or restoring different aquatic organisms that lived in this habitat before degradation.