The project involves molecular bioinformatics analysis of mitochondrial (mt) genome sans their protein products based on their specific codon usage strategy for the purpose of predicting the level of expression of protein coding genes. The analysis will indicate the trend of expression of 13 mtDNA genes in specific conditions of tertiary ecosystems. In order to obtain relevant findings, a comparative analysis of the mt genome and expression levels of specific genes between species of ants that inhabit tertiary, secondary, primary ecosystems, and the same are members of one subfamily of ants (Formicinae) will be followed. Research results will indicate the significance of anthropogenic influence on gene expression in selected species of ants i.e. evolutionary process of adaptation to the specific conditions of environment within which the same habitat. The study will help in understanding the adaptation of animal species in terms of when their environment gradually or abruptly change. The project aims to indicate the speed and frequency of changes of the level of ants genomes, suggesting that gene and protein level may indicate possible consequences that could impact biodiversity.