This project aims to suggest a set of treatments leading to the biodiversity support in the Gravel Pit Hulín, allowing simultaneously its use for recreational and educational purposes after finishing the excavation activities. It puts emphasis on the harmonic connection between the gravel pit and its surrounding landscape, as well as migration facilities of conservation-important species by creation of new habitats. Measures for biodiversity enhancement will be proposed on the basis of thorough biological inventory of the gravel pit and its vicinity. All suggestions will be designed so that they preserve current biodiversity and habitats, develop measures taken in the past and lead to formation of new valuable habitats. We intend to project suitable habitats for amphibians, nesting sites of water birds and shore modifications enabling development of littoral vegetation. Additional measures may be suggested concerning the Němčický brook, which has been transferred due to extraction. The gravel pit is expected to be linked up to the TSES network. According to our suggestions, it will be possible to implement part of the measures before abandonment of the gravel pit without restricting mining activities. A project of educational boards will be prepared, which describes local biodiversity and its supporting measures. There is a further option to connect the gravel pit and Hulín with natural cycle route after finishing of mining activities.