Quarries after the immediate end of mining can offer a very interesting space for various plant species that are suitable for stress habitats and some rare animals can be attached to them. Invasive and expansive species do not have to be in such habitats at all or only on days where more favorable conditions prevail. However, if inappropriate interventions are made during reclamation, these species may become dominant. And we also encounter this situation in the case of the Olšany quarry, where the shrub reed (Calamagrostis epigejos) occupied a majority representation in the herb sphere. The essence of our project is to parasitize the shrub cane (C. Epigejos) with the cockerel (R. alectorolophus).

We would also like to build an educational trail around the quarry that could inform the general public about the issue of biodiversity and also about the history of the area and especially the Olšancký quarry. The nature trail could also raise interest in the surroundings of this quarry and in caring for the surrounding forests. The surrounding forests also suffer from the overgrowth of blackthorn (R. pseudoakacia) and poplar (P. nigra x), so we will try to figure out a way to correct these plants.