Our society has changed more and more over the past century. A lot of people may not always realise the harm that they are doing to the planet and their way of life, given that society has created the mistaken impression that the technological progress of the 21st century has made us independent from nature. We do not have to be politicians, farmers, beekeepers or Greenpeace activists to be able to help bees. All of us can do it! All we need is to be aware of what we are doing.Everyone can help to protect bees!My project concerns the wild relatives of the honey bee, the wild bees. Working with them should teach us to look a little closer, and gives us a fascinating insight into the lives of these little-known insects. Many of them are connected to the emergence of certain plant species; likewise, many wild plants could not exist without these insects, which pollinate them. While we wait for politicians to do something about it, every individual can do something to help bees live and survive."If bees die, mankind only has four years to live. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more people." (Albert Einstein)A small change will often suffice to change the course of things, and one small step is enough. Even the smallest of deeds can have a great effect and change our lives.My small deed is this project.