Destroying prejudice against raw material extraction, while learning lots of exciting things about biology, geology and even history! That is the goal of our 'Quarry Project'.

Heidelberg Cement is allowing access to its disused quarry in Locksberg, and the active 'Homburger Höhe' quarry in Lengfurt. Children from Triefenstein Primary School can dig up fossils to their hearts' content, carry out scientific research on shell limestone, and understand how it came to be. There is also the chance to meet protected species, such as the local eagle owl! Children can learn about Red List species and promoting biodiversity on location. Through the entire school year, they will also have the opportunity to take part in special projects on the subject during afternoon activities. The project is already under way and has received a great amount of interest, but as it is unfortunately bursting at the seams, an extension for all participants would benefit the project enormously. An education and training concept for other Heidelberg Cement plants could be created in order to bring the successful project to other plants, and other schools across Germany could benefit from such opportunities.