A very peculiar flora and fauna developed in mining sites. Awareness about the local biodiversity as well as knowledge about this special landscape which offers a unique habitat for various species is not very well developed amongst the population. The project Social Nature - The whitethroat goes viral wants to fill this gap.

Based on the life of the whitethroat, pupil use (personalized) storytelling, by means of their research as well as with the aid of 360° videos, a drone flight, a profil etc. to create informative and entertaining social media content (for a blog and a Facebookchannel) with which gaps of knowledge can be reduced for different target groups. Local 9th and 10th grade students generate posts that will always be from the whitethroat’s perspective.

With the bird as testimonial and social media storytelling the interest and sympathy of a large part of the population are evoked through personalized stakeholder addressing. Furthermore, the consideration of the ecological value of extraction sites is built and even strengthened.

Thanks to the support of refugees, enduring nest containers are built in collaboration with the students. These containers assist the birds in building their nests.