At the Ghana’s national dialogue on youth employment on 26th September 2016, the Chief Economist at the African Centre for Economic Transformation (ACET) Dr Ansu indicated that 48% of the youth are not employed which is a serious security challenge if not addressed effectively. The national however abounds in natural resources which could be used to manage the unemployed situation through agriculture and forestry related activities. 


With the current youth migration to the cities for the non existing greener pastures leaving the old people to take care of agriculture, beekeeping a neglected industry could be used to lure the youth back to the land. Investment and labour load in beekeeping are low but very rewarding. According to the Spore Magazine (NO.158 JUNE-AUG Issue, 2017). Africa imports three times the honey it produces with Nigeria only fulfilling 10% of its total domestic consumption demand (380,000 t), thus annually importing €1.84 billion worth of honey. 

This therefore calls for the need for proper waste disposal at all levels of our society and also to find use to these resources which are currently a menace even though it is a source of raw material for the agricultural industries if managed efficiently hence the integration of beekeeping, tree planting, organic waste segregation and usage in organic farming will court community participation in the ecological restoration of the Beposo Quarry