Indonesia have a large limestone area in many countries such as in Java Island, Sumatra Island and other. Many company use the landscape to explore limestone area as a prime materials for cement product. Limestone karst ecosystems are important reservoirs for biodiversity and are currently experiencing habitat loss and degradation due to land use changes and increasing pressure from extractive and industries. Bats are the most important animal in limestone karst ecosystem. The biodiversity of bats is a keys to know about limestone ecosystem. Bats are an essential component of ecosystems, they play an important role to ecosystem. Diversity of bats can be a indicator of a disturb area, high diversity or low diversity of bats or chiroptera (a group of mammals). For present, the biodiversity of Bats in Cirebon Quarry is poorly unknown, so its a important study to looking for diversity of bats. This study aims to know the diversity of bats, to know the species and population of bats include the megachiroptera and microchiroptera. data of inventory can be an document to make a decision to protect and conserv the Bats in cirebon Quarry.


Bat species vary in their relative susceptibility to capture with harp traps. Bats were measure, photograph and identify in the field using field guide books (Kingston, Philips). All bats capture will be marking on their toe claws with temporary non-toxic paint and released as near as possible to their capture site. Specimens skull (where taxonomically important) will be subsequently prepare for the purposes of measurement and examination. Measurement of this study using external and skull measurement. Sample will be collected about 5 individual in each species. Bats were captured and identified will be assessing with international conservation status IUCN Red List categories to looking for global status conservations of bats and to assess key species and high threatened species.

Added Value

The data will held to make an a decision to conservation status of bats and as a primary data of biodiversity of bats in cirebon quarry. The company will be know the diversity of bats and the research to identify bats in this limestone karst areas aims to be an information and recommendation to establish conservation planning to this area