The project is designed to describe the biodiversity observed within the quarry of Colle Pedrino (Palazzago and Caprino Bergamasco BG), through a broad-spectrum analysis of the various forms of life present in this area. This project aim at achieving the symbolic goal of identifying 501 different species. The quarry area of Colle Pedrino is characterized by an interesting environmental mosaic, suitable for hosting a significant variety of animal and plant organisms. This is also due to the biogeographical location of this territory, situated between the Po Valley and the alpine arch, in the heart of the Insubric district, one of Europe's largest biodiversity macro-areas. The project is a multidisciplinary experimental study elaborated to overcome the classic paradigm of one-taxa research, with the purpose of describing the environmental biodiversity present in a quarry area with an ecosystem approach. Complexity, variability and multiple interactions are in fact basic aspects of biological systems, whose aggregate knowledge has not only a purely scientific value, but is also the basis for addressing correct and effective biodiversity management and conservation policies. The project will be led by a close group of young researchers, with extensive experience in the study of the biocenosis of the pre-Alpine area.