Restructuring a quarry into an artificial pond, lake revival, establishing natural food chain within the pond. Bottom optimization for natural fish fauna conditions and reproduction peculiarities (establishment of shallows for spawning and grassy shallows for fingerling growth), as well as favourable conditions for self-reproduction of zooplankton and algae. Pond bottom relief will be constructed at the initial project phase taking into account the peculiarities of its future use. Groundwater was studied for the future pond feeding. Leak channel system is constructed as the primary source and regulation of water level in the lake. Channel design feature will create habitat for fish, allow it to grow from fingerling to mature adult and prevent from leaving the lake before its due time.Coastal zone landscaping is also a significant part of the project. The channel will also serve as a source of moisture for the terrestrial flora, which, considering the aridity, will be an important factor for the viability of perennial and seasonal plants on the coastal zone.Establishment of tourist zone within the area of former quarry will allow monitoring the ecosystem development. Tourist complex visitors will be able to observe the process of life formation, enjoy the nature and see a right example of the company's environmental actions.