The project is about to build a Aquaponic system in the Quarry, which will allow to produce Fish and legume in the same time, without using any chemical product.An aquaponics system contains fish in tanks, whose wastewater is pumped to vegetables in grow beds filled with gravel. The roots take up the nitrates and grow like crazy. The water returns to the tank, filtered clean. The organic vegetables and fish provide a complete diet, a good thing for an uncertain world.

What is Aquaponic ?

Aquaponics encompasses two agricultural products (fish and vegetables) being produced from one nitrogen source (fish food),it is an extremely water-efficient system. One of the benefits of aquaponics is that it makes it possible to have an intensive food production system that’s still sustainable.

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Visiting the Quarry

Visit supervised by the team of the Quarry to discover its different components o and how it works

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