Currently, most of the quarry rehabilitation decisions rely on limited knowledgebase and are made with unestablished methodologies.  Ideally, decisions are based on various environmental, social and economical aspects that are significant to local communities and other stakeholders. This is all possible by implementing multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA).The aim of this project is to develop the optimal decision for rehabilitation of clay and lime stone quarries based on system of criteria which will consider social, economic and environmental aspects.  The project is based on MCDA, that helps to reduce inefficiencies and make transparent and traceable decision in the field of environmental management, including quarry rehabilitation. Using MCDA methods the decisions are made on the basis of reliable data, and it would ensure a greater cooperation with local communities. Four quarries included in this project (Mereäärne Clay Quarry, Toolse-Lääne and Aru-Lõuna limestone quarries and Ubja oil shale quarry) are located in Northern Estonia in the proximity of small city Kunda. We cooperate with local municipalities, people, enterprises, NGOs and governmental agencies to make the sustainable rehabilitation decision that improves the reputation of mining activities and provides the optimal land-use option for the quarries. 

National award ceremony

After working hard with the project we got to enjoy some of the fruits. We visited beautiful Stockholm to attend the national award ceremony, ending up with the 2nd prize

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Time to introduce the model

As finishing and submission of our final report is over, we found time to make a short introductory video to explain our project and model.

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Our model is ready and working

We created a model for deciding the most optimal land-use for four quarries in Estonia and our results support the decisions made before about the after-use of those quarries.

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Day in the quarries with the International Jury member!

Today we had lovely possibility to introduce our preliminary results to Dr. Carolyn Jewell, the member of international jury of Quarry Life Award (QLA). After the presentations we visited the quarries and enjoyed the great diversity of life and habitats in them.

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Kunda Nordic Cement Environmental day!

We presented our project and preliminary results at Environmental day of Kunda Nordic Cement! It was fabulous and interesting day at Sagadi manor.

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Stakeholder survey ended

After about month of collecting responses to our online survey we received the responses of 93 stakeholders in the field of land resource management in Estonia. We thank all the respondents for their important contribution to the project!

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First responses!

We started with important part of our study- the stakeholder survey which includes all important stakeholders related with land resource excavation in Estonia

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Consulting with experts

We consulted several experts from various stakeholder organisations to develop decision-tree with restrictive criteria for choosing optimal after-use of quarries.

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Quarries in the winter

16.02.2018 we had first meeting with representatives of Kunda Nordic Tsement and visited three quarries in the project

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