Trees and shrubs are important for maintaining biodiversity by creating niches for many animal, fungi and plant species. They often form wildlife corridors for migration of organisms between isolated biodiversity hotspots. Furthermore, tree and shrub species positively affect soil conditions by mitigating soil erosion and water loose.

Our project will start from comprehensive analysis of biodiversity in the quarry "Ruda". First step will be the inventory of flora and fauna and investigation of soil conditions. Based on the obtained results, we will create a project of tree planting policy adopted to local conditions and with accordance to the rules of sustainable development of post-mining areas. In the tree planting policy we will include tree and shrub species that will provide food for the local animals. Spatial distribution of trees and shrubs will be planned in such a way to connect various habitats of quarry area and facilitate the migration of animals.

The aim of the project is to propose practical guidelines for restoration of post-mining areas in the environmentally friendly way. Planting native trees and shrubs will support local biodiversity and in as a consequence will give good perspectives for development of stable ecosystem in the future. What’s more the changes will make landscape more diverse and pleasant for local society.