Our project aims on both scientific substantiation regarding the flora, fauna (resident and in transit) and natural habitat survey on Slatioara Pit and its neighboring areas as well as promoting and raising the knowledge on the importance of biodiversity by setting up an educational thematic route.
The biodiversity inventory (plants, habitats, invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals) will be carried out by applying in the field the survey methods adequate in order to suppress the entire diversity of species and habitats.
Moreover, during the activities in the field, our team will identify the important areas for biodiversity (habitats used by the wild fauna for food, resting and breeding) and based on the results, our team will propose a thematic route which will underline the importance of the Slatioara Pit for biodiversity conservation and local communities. The route (adequate marked with information panels and vantage points over the biodiversity) will cover the important areas for biodiversity and can be available for travel by any visitor with a medium level of knowledge and small to medium level physical training.
The results of the project will be distributed through social networks, mass-media and gymnasium schools in Slatina Municipality (the target group will be represented by pupils).