This project aims for the study and promotion of local biodiversity by pointing out its interaction with the geological substrate. The geological settings of this area shaped the existence and evolution of the specific species, both flora and fauna. The project relates to raising awareness and educating the visitors, which includes local communities and exploitation that can improve the quality of life.

Iglicioara Quarry’s millions of years old story - basis for the development of today’s life

Interpretive panel for a millions years story!!!! Iglicioara Quarry has a story of millions of years old, that makes life possible today.

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Interpretive Panel first drafts for promoting Iglicioara Quarry's Biodiversity

After the lab phase, which involved processing the collected samples from the field (petrographic analysis and thin sections), but also inventorying biodiversity (flora, amphibians, mammals, avifauna, lepidoptera species), we started to prepare our first draft of the Interpretive Panel, which will be settled at the Măcin Mountains National Park's Tourist Information Point from Greci. The Interpretive Panel contains informations regarding the promotion of Iglicioara Quarry’s biodiversity,...

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Inventorying and monitoring biodiversity at Iglicioara Quarry

During the fieldtrip at Iglicioara Quarry, that took place between 3rd and 5th of June, there were identified several species of plants and animals. The geology (parental rock), soil, hydrological and climatic peculiarities determined the flora and fauna of the area.

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First contact with biodiversity at Iglicioara Quarry, Romania

Testudo graeca ibera (Spur-thighed tortoise) was our first guest...

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Celebrating World Environment Day 2016 with our first visit to Iglicioara Quarry, Romania!

On the 5th of June, we celebrated World Environment Day 2016 in the middle of nature, collecting samples and conducting preliminary studies regarding biodiversity from Iglicioara Quarry, Romania. Discussions with the quarry manager took place.

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Everything is settled! Our team is ready for the first visit to Iglicioara Quarry!

During the first week of May, our team organized an informative meeting at the University of Bucharest, where we discussed positions in our team, exactly what each of us is going to do for this project, all the project’s objectives and activities and about partnerships.

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