Information about natural processes is crucial in the context of biodiversity conservation. It is also necessary to determine potential factors of biodiversity reducing. We suggest to perform an inventory of flora and soil diversity with main emphasis on key biogeocenosis (the most essential in sense of rare species conservation).

Quarry’s relief and geological structure create diverse conditions for living organisms. It must serve as a prerequisite for potentially high spatial biodiversity. It should be also noticed that in quarry conditions there are plots with similar relief features, but with different times of overgrowing. It will help us to study changes of biodiversity in time scale. In the result, we are going to give recommendations directed to biodiversity conservation and connected with exploitation of a part of quarry, which is aimed to recreational purposes.

The cartoon about quarry biodiversity

As we already said we have created a cartoon describing the role of biodiversity in our life and biodiversity of quarries as well

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It's nice to thank and to receive thanks

Through this project, we met with a lot of interesting people and made new friends! We are pleased that colleagues appreciated work during the contest. It was given a letters of gratify. The first letter was received from the ITMO University for assistance in the international environmental camp and the second letter received from the Environmental Union, which praised the care of "Cesla" about biodiversity in the quarry!

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Приятно благодарить и получать благодарности!

Благодаря этому проекту мы познакомились со множеством интересных людей, а также приобрели новых друзей! Нам приятно, что работу в рамках конкурса оценили коллеги, в подтверждение нам передали 2 благодарственных письма! Первое от университета ИТМО за помощь компании в проведении международного экологического лагеря, а второе от Природоохранного союза, который оценил заботу компании «Цесла» о биоразнообразии на карьере!

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Platanthera bifolia.

We have identified of one more plant, which is included into the Red book. Мы определили еще одной растение, которое включено в красную книгу.

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Activities that can improve biodiversity and reduce the negative effects of quarrying

Everyone knows that the vegetation recovery is due to the resources of the local flora. One of the limiting factors of vegetation recovery is often a lack of seeds. Все знают, что восстановление растительности идет за счет ресурсов местной флоры. Одним из лимитирующих факторов восстановления растительности часто является отсутствие семян.

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Landform - the basis of diversity. Рельеф - основа разнообразия

We all know that the landform is a factor of soil formation, and, for example, the slope steepness influences the rate of areas overgrowing . What landforms we have identified at the quarry? Все мы знаем, что рельеф является фактором почвообразования, а, например, крутизна склона влияет на скорость зарастания территории. Какие же формы рельефа мы выделили на карьере?

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Recommendations for reclamation

One of the main problems of reclaiming of very stony dumps is the freezing of the rocks to the surface. This leads to the death of trees and a dramatic deterioration of the physical properties of new soil. Одной из основных проблем рекультивации сильнокаменистых отвалов является вымораживание камней из скальной вскрыши в верхлежащие слои мягкой вскрыши. Это приводит к гибели деревьев и резкому ухудшению физических свойств реплантоземов.

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Soil ecosystem services. Quantitative and qualitative valuations

Soils are affected by human activity on the quarry. So we have to know how to measure soil ecosystem services on the quarry.

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Our team at the conference in St. Petersburg.

We are not stop on achieved and this time we participated in the conference on agriculture. Мы не останавливаемся на достигнутом, и в этот раз мы приняли участие в конференции, посвященной сельскому хозяйству.

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Soil ecosystem services. Soil biodiversity

Soil biodiversity is an important part of ecosystem services approach. Soil biodiversity of the quarry is unique, so we have to know it and know how to apply it to natural ecosystems regulation.

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What is the "soil"? Что такое "почва"?

The terminology of this issue is ambiguous, because so far there are many definitions of the term "soil" and variations of the classification of "objects of Soil Science." Embryozems prevail in the quarry. And we, of course,consider that its are "objects of Soil Science". In fact, its belong to the soil-like bodies (such bodies that are not related to soils, with some specific properties for them, perform functions or occupy the space, usually belonging soils). Терминология данного вопроса...

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Soil ecosystem services of the Pechurki quarry

Soil ecosystem services approach can help us to know which profits can we receive from the soils of the Pechurki quarry

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Multivariate analyses in our project. Part 2.

Using only the significant variables issued from the forward selection, we then performed a canonical correspondence analysis (CCA) to determine how those environmental variables influenced the distribution of the plant communities previouslu identified. Press "read more" to learn more about this analysis.

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Assessment of ecosystem services of Pechyrki quarry in monetary terms.

Currently, the quarry is closed to the public as it is being prepared for reclamation. After reclamation and once it is re-opened, the number of ecosystem services quarry will increase significantly, as well as it is value. However, even now it carries a huge range of ecosystem services. We estimated the value of the ecosystem services provided by the plant communities in the quarry. Сейчас карьер закрыт для посещения людей и на нем ведется подготовка к рекультивации. После проведения...

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We tested the importance of the environmental variables using a forward selection

We evaluated a large number of physical and chemical soil parameters. To improve the quality of the model and further analysis, it is necessary to choose the factors having the greatest impact on the vegetation. Reducing the number of variables was performed by the forward selection method. The most important factors were the pH, soil texture, proportion of fine particles in the soil, humidity, stoniness.

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List of the flora of vascular plants in Pechurki quarry. Флора сосудистых растений карьера Печурки

We conducted an inventory of the flora in all quarry. Recall that all we found 135 species of vascular plants. Floristic analysis showed us some interesting results. Мы провели инвентаризацию флоры всего карьера. Напомним, что всего мы нашли 135 видов сосудистых растений. Флористический анализ показал нам интересные результаты.

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The cartoon for children

Our project is aimed not only to reach scientific people, but also to introduce biodiversity of the quarries for children and non-scientific people

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Preparation to the report

Time goes by and we began to discuss our final report. Время идет и мы начали обсуждать наш финальный отчет.

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Variety of phytocenoses

As we said in our quarry several phytocenoses found its place . Как мы уже говорили на нашем карьере свое место нашли несколько фитоценозов.

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It is never too late to learn

We summarize the educational part of the project. More than 1,500 children have learned about our quarry and biodiversity, and we promise to continue their studies after the completion of the project. Important in creating lessons was that the children themselves have sought to seek knowledge. Главное в создании уроков, было то, что дети сами стремились к поиску знаний.

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Does more - better? Больше - лучше?

We are accustomed to the fact that a wide variety of community and high productivity, indicate the favorable condition of the ecosystem. Is it always so? Мы привыкли к тому, что большое разнообразие и высокая продуктивность сообщества, свидетельствуют о благоприятном состоянии экосистемы. Всегда ли это так?

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Quarrying and global climate change

In order to mitigate the effects of climate change the atmospheric removal of greenhouse gases is necessary. Restoring degraded soils and ecosystems has a high potential for sequestrating soil C. The strategy of soil C sequestration is cost-effective and validated in sense on sustainability. Reclamation strategies should be based on our knowledge of the main ecological factors of plant establishment and effects of organic matter accumulation in soil (deponation of CO2 in pedosphere). Do you...

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Soil profiles as a tool of soil mapping

Today we want to introduce you typical soil profile, which was describe during our work on the Pechirki quarry.

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On our quarry blooming orchid.

"On our quarry are blooming orchids," a headline in a newspaper article received in the local town Slantsy. "На нашем карьере цветут орхидеи", такой заголовок получила статья в газете в местном городе Сланцы.

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Anthyllis macrocephala.

We also continue to study Red Book species of plants that we found on the Pechurki quarry. Также, мы продолжаем изучать краснокнижные виды растений, которые мы обнаружили в карьере Печурки.

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Soil diversity. Part 5

We are continue to introduce you the results of our work on studying of soil cover on the Quarry.

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Our team in Apatity!

Conference "Сyanoprokaryota: taxonomy, ecology, distribution" has began today. And we are happy to take part in it and tell about our finds from the Pechurki quarry. Сегодня началась конференция "Цианопрокариоты: систематика, экология, распространение". И мы с удовольствием принимаем в ней участие и рассказываем о наших находках в карьере Печурки.

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The best practices for restoring quarries

We investigated the long-therm effects on biodiversity and economic advantages of some restoration approaches at the Pechurki quarry, included tree planting and spontaneous succession. Our results highlighted that spontaneous succession is the best way in terms of cost and it ensured higher species diversity, vegetation structure and greening.

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Today we are giving presents to our children!

Our contest is coming to an end and we started rewarding our young participants. Наш конкурс подходит к концу и мы приступили к награждению наших маленьких участников.

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Salix starkeana.

This is another rare species, which we met at the quarry.

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Embryozems. Part 4

We are trying to give more detailed information about soil diversity of the Pechurki quarry. Once we realised the importance of telling you story of embryozems, their types, their distribution and their natural history

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Today we introduce you with a list of species of algae and cyanoprokaryota collected in the quarry Pechurki lake. Сегодня мы познакомим вас со списком видов водорослей и цианопрокариот, собранных в озере карьера Печурки. It has been found 7 species of cyanoprokaryota and 27 species of algae in the lake, of which 14 species (41%) are Chlorophyta, which corresponds to the usual composition of algae in the plankton. В озере обнаружено 7 видов цианопрокариот и 27 видов водорослей, из них 14 видов...

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Lasius flavus

Another widespread at the quarry species of ant. И еще один широко распространенный на карьере вид муравьев.

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Results: water permeability of the soil

The water permeability of the soil was determined on terraced plots of the quarry by the tube method with variable-head. According to the obtained results, value is 270-135 mm in the first hour, and it corresponds the best permeability according to N.A. Kaczynski’s classification. Click "read more" to find out more about water permeability of the soil.

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Polygala amarella.

All plants from the Red Book for various reasons, are on the verge of extinction, and we can not prevent their destruction. Everyone who met the plants from the Red Book, should help their reproduction, or at least to keep in pristine condition. Все растения из красной книги по разным причинам находятся на грани исчезновения, и в наших силах не допустить их уничтожения. Каждый человек встретивший растения из красной книги, должен помогать их размножению или хотя бы оставлять в нетронутом...

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We got the primary results of the species composition of the algae and cyanoprokaryota in the lake of the Pechurki quarry. У нас появились первичные результаты видового состава водорослей и цианопрокариот в озере карьера Печурки.

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Ecosystem services of Pechurki quarry //Экосистемные услуги карьера Печурки

Ecosystem services are the functions of the ecosystem that in some way benefit mankind. The services we receive are ”free” from nature such as wild fish, pollinating insects, water, natural pesticides and fertile soil. As we showed earlier, abandoned quarry - it is not a useless land, quarry is the source of a number of ecosystem services, and we decided to evaluate which ones. Экосистемные услуги - это такие продукты экосистем, которые так или иначе выгодоны человеку. Мы получаем эти услуги...

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Lasius niger

Black garden ant - Western Palearctic species of ants. Чёрный садовый муравей — западнопалеарктический вид муравьёв.

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Embryozems. Part 3

Something new about the main soil type which was indicated on the Pechurki quarry. Today we will discuss evolution of embryozems in space and time

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Gymnadenia conopsea.

Today, we continue to acquaint you with protected species of plants, which we found on the Pechurki quarry. Сегодня мы продолжим знакомить вас с охраняемыми видами растений, которые мы обнаружили в карьере Печурки.

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Biotop's diversity. Part 3. Разнообразие биотопов. Часть 3.

Today we tell you about small-leaved forests in the Pechurki quarry. Сегодня мы расскажем вам о мелколиственных лесах в карьере Печурки.

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Hidden biodiversity. Скрытое биоразнообразие

Dear friends! Look at this photos, this community have the same number of species and the same value of the Simpson index. But this communities differ! Biodiversity may be hidden and the best proof of this is the existence of different life forms of plants. So, do you know what we have found? Дорогие друзья, взгляните на фото, Вы видите 2 сообщества, они имеют одинаковое число видов, почти одинаковый индекс Симпсона. Но все же они довольно сильно отличаются. Биоразнообразие может быть скрытым,...

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Embryozems. Part 2

We are continiung to introduce you the main soil type on the Pechurki quarry

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Cypripedium calceolus.

The first member of the family Orchidaceae which is taken under the protection and included in the Red Book. Первый представитель семейства Орхидные умеренного пояса, который взяли под охрану и включили в Красную книгу.

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Sensation! Сенсация!

For the first time in the Leningrad region it was found Anomala dubia! Where do you think? Yes! That is, on the Pechurki quarry. Впервые в Ленинградской области был обнаружен вид Anomala dubia! Как Вы думаете где? Да! Именно так, на карьере «Печурки».

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Mapping of our results. Картирование результатов.

We show you a map of plant communities. Мы представляем вашему вниманию карту растительных сообществ.

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Biotop's diversity. Part 2. Разнообразие биотопов. Часть 2

Accumulative water bodies biotopes are key habitats for the Pechurki quarry. Аккумулятивные биотопы водоёмов являются ключевыми биотопами для территории карьера Печурки.

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Embryozems. Part 1.

We are continuing to introduce you the results on studying soil cover of the Pechurki quarry. Today you will be familiar with results on analysis of the main soil type of the quarry - embriozems.

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Temporal biodiversity change

Everyone knows that revegetation of quarries is process of primary succession. Visibly plant communities are not fixed forever, but seem to be constantly changing. Respectively biodiversity also changes, so let’s know how! Всем известно, что на карьере протекает первичная сукцессия. Вследствие этого растительные сообщества не фиксированы во времени, они постоянно изменяются. Соответственно изменяется и биоразнообразие, так давайте узнаем как именно!

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Soil diversity. Part 5

Some results on soil ecological and functional diversity

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spatial biodiversity change

Earlier we have presented the results of the different diversity measures for those plots, where there is vegetation cover. It is time to sum up! How biodiversity changes in space?

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New day new lesson

We have made a presentation in the international volunteer camp "Ecological Raids" we were talking about quarries and rehabilitation. The lecture was attended by about 40 people, representatives from France, Italy, Spain, Taiwan, Slovakia, Poland, Serbia and Belarus. Мы выступили с докладом о карьерах и рекультивации в международном добровольческом лагере "Ecological Raids". На лекции присутствовало около 40 человек, представителей из Франции, Италии, Испании, Тайваня, Словакии, Польши, Сербии...

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Lasius mixtus

What do you know about ants living in the Pechurki quarry or we have identified the next species of ant

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Formica cinerea

We have started the definition of ants! Мы приступили к определению муравьев!

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Chimaphila umbellata.

Species listed in the Red Book, and has the status of 3 (R), a rare species.

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The Berger–Parker index

Many scientists believe that he Berger–Parker index is a practical and effective tool for monitoring biodiversity impairment linked to human disturbance in ecosystems. That is why we have decided to to calculate it.

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Shannon's diversity index

The Shannon diversity index (H) is another index that is commonly used to characterize species diversity in a community. Like Simpson's index, Shannon's index accounts for both abundance and evenness of the species present. Аccording to our data different indices give different results.

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Rocky bottoms the quarry. Cкальные днища карьера.

Today we discuss about some of the most interesting and harsh conditions for the development of plants in the quarry Pechurky. Сегодня обсудим одни из самых интересных и суровых условиях для развития растений на карьере Печурки.

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Vertical electrical resistivity sounding in soils

We have obtained the results about electrical resistivity in soils of studied areas on the Pechurki quarry

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Species richness indices

Species richness S is the simplest measure of biodiversity and is simply a count of the number of different species in a given area. This measure is strongly depended on sampling size and effort. Two species richness indices try to account for this problem: Margalef’s diversity index and Menhinick’s diversity index

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New acquaintance with quarry jumper

It is just funny video of our meeting with Zootoca vivipara in the quarry. Это просто забавное видео о нашей встрече с Zootoca vivipara на карьере.

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Simpson index or biodiversity is not just number of species

Dear friends, do you know that the sites that have the same number of species may have completely different levels of biodiversity? The fact is that in addition to the number of species it is important to take into account its abundance. Today we present you the results of Simpson's diversity index of different parts of the quarry. Дорогие читатели, а знаете ли Вы, что участки, которые имеют одинаковое число видов могут иметь абсолютно разные уровни биоразнообразия? Все дело в том, что кроме...

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Biotop's diversity . Разнообразие биотопов

We want to introduse you to a quarry biotop. Dry pine. The photo shows one of the representatives of soil covers - Peltigera didactyla. Мы хотим познакомить вас с одним из биотопов карьера. Сухой сосняк. На фото изображен один из представителей напочвенного покрова - Peltigera didactyla.

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The similarity of species composition of vegetation on different sites of the quarry

We have already started talking about the fact that different types of relief have completely different species composition. But who wouldn't want to evaluate to what extent. For this purpose, we calculated the coefficient of Sorensen-Czekanowski. Мы уже начали говорить о том, что разные участки рельефа имеют совершенно разный видовой состав. Но ведь всегда хочется оценить в какой мере. Для этой цели мы рассчитали коэффициент Съеренсена-Чекановского.

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Insects collection method - the method of mowing (Метод сбора насекомых - метод кошения)

As we promised, we share with you the video of the insects collecting method. Как и обещали, мы делимся с вами видео метода сбора насекомых.

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Major international conference devoted to the conservation of biodiversity

Good news: on the international scientific conference in in Sukhum (Abkhazia) await our report about diversity of plants in the Pechurki quarry. This is an excellent opportunity to present and discuss our results because many authoritative researchers and practitioners will be there. Отличная новость! Нас с докладом о разнообразии растений в карьере Печурки ждут на международной юбилейной конференции в г. Сухум (Абхазия). Это отличная возможность представить и обсудить свои результаты поскольку...

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Number of species of plants on different plots of the quarry

One of the methods to characterize community is just count the member of species. Let's know which sites of quarry have more species of high plants and in some less. Один из способов охарактеризовать сообщество - просто пересчитать входящие в него виды. Давайте узнаем на каких участках карьера видов больше всего, а где их меньше.

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Preliminary results. What should we expect?

Our project has a definite value. We realized it through the scientific and social work.

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Learning is the eye of the mind

As you remember, we have performed large number of classes conducted for children of Saint Petersburg. And now we are ready to share them with you! Как вы все помните, за нашими плечами большое количество проведенных уроков для детей Санкт-Петербурга. И сейчас мы готовы с вами ими поделиться!

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Education in Slantsy

Our team not only have organized a photo exhibition and a lesson for children in Slantsy. We also organized a press conference for the residents, the meeting was attended by representatives of radio, television and newspapers! Also, we are organising a tour to the quarry for children. We hope that soon the high natural value of the Pechurki quarry will know everyone! Наша команда организовала не только фотовыставку и урок для детей в г. Сланцы. Мы также организовали пресс конференцию для...

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Quarry session №4

Today we were at the quarry for collecting insects and go through the untouched forest. Сегодня мы были на карьере для того, чтобы собрать насекомых и зайти в нетронутый лес.

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Photo exhibition on Pechurki quarry biodiversity

Today is a great day for our team! We are orginising photo exhibition in Slantsy central library Сегодня значимый день для нашей команды. Мы организуем фотовыставку в центральной библиотеке города Сланцы

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Practice in Nizhne-Svirsky State Nature Reserve

As part of a summer internship in Nizhne-Svirsky State Nature Reserve, lectures Pehurki quarry biodiversity have been carried out. В рамках летней практики в Нижне-Свирском государственном заповеднике, нами были проведены лекции на тему биоразнообразия в нашем карьере.

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We continue to acquaint you with the diversity of algae in the quarry. Мы продолжаем знакомить вас с разнообразием водорослей в карьере.

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Humus. Results (type of humus)

We analyzed the data after the determination of humic and fulvic acids.

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Dactylorhiza fushsii

We continue to acquaint you with species of the genus Dactylorhiza.

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Сan guess the riddle? For which animal all of these items fit?/ А сможете ли Вы отгадать загадку?

Сan you guess the riddle? For which animal all of these items fit? Who is a highly developed social animal? Who has great influence on the processes of pedogenesis, and even on the formation of vegetation? Who has reached high results in horticulture and cultivation of mushrooms? Those who have all types of organization of the political regime? And some of them even slaveholders! Кто является высоко развитым социальным животным? Кто оказывает большое влияние на процессы педогенеза и даже...

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"The life cycle of limestone" / «Жизненный цикл известняка»

Many years ago, there was a variety of living organisms in marine waters. Skeletal remains of these organisms form a rock - limestone. Nowadays, people began to actively produce and use limestone for construction purposes. Since the school we are familiar with the processes of rocks formation. As a result of our research, we have known a lot about the mining of limestone and recovery areas. As common man, we know that is cement. Today we have met with the missing link - we saw all the way stone...

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Epipactis helleborine.

The next species of the genus Epipactis.

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Latest news about our project Последние новости нашего проекта

Dear friends! We promiced you we would share news everyday, but sometimes our team has no internet access. Nevertheless, we are again with internet connection and will share our news with you 24 hours per day)))

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Our team in Moscow!

We were in Moscow again and took part in the conversation about biodiversity.

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Results: hygroscopic water content

We present you the results on hygroscopic humidity analysis

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Chimaphila umbellata.

Carefully, chimaphila umbellata should be protected in the Leningrad region.

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Is there a difference in the species composition of vegetation between the neighbouring plots?

Today we share with you our preliminary results about the differences in plant communities. Сегодня мы поделимся с Вами нашим предварительном выводом о различиях в растительных сообществах.

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"Micro"diversity or diversity of alga. Part 2

Diatoms are a next common algae type. Следующим распространенным типом водорослей являются Диатомовые.

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Humus. Introduction

Now we are in the process of determining of humus composition of the soil. First, let us tell you what does humus mean. Сейчас мы определяем состав гумуса. Сперва позвольте нам рассказать что же такое гумус.

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The species is endangered and at risk of extinction. And your reporter in the field, Ivan Alekseev

You can actually see how we found a rare species of orchid. Здесь Вы можете увидеть как мы нашли редкий вид из семейства Орхидных.

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pH of salt extract

We processed the data salt extract pH.

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Equisetum variegatum.

The plant is threatened with extinction!

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Diversity of soils in the quarry. Part 3 Разнообразие почв карьера. Часть 3

The next type of soil is an Al-Fehumic embriozems. Let's find out more about it!

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"Micro"diversity or diversity of alga. Part 1

The main dominants in the species composition of algae on the quarry are diatoms and blue-green algae. Основными доминантами в видовом составе водорослей на карьере являются диатомовые и синезеленые водоросли.

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Multivariate analyses in our project. Part 1.

We used clustering analysis to compare the plant communities that colonized different ecotopes of quarry. Мы применили кластерный анализ для того чтобы сравнить растительные сообщества, которые произрастают на различных экотопах карьера.

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Diversity of soils in the quarry. Part 2 Разнообразие почв карьера. Часть 2

Let's see what's under the tree on the hill. Давайте посмотрим, что находится под деревьями на вершине холма.

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Epipactis palustris.

Today we want to tell you about the next interesting plant, which met at the quarry.

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Pechurki quarry is valuable natural feature

Geomorphological heterogeneity induced by quarrying provides a diversity of ecological niches adapted to a wide range of plant and animal communities, including some rare taxa of high heritage value (rare, Red Data Book-listed and/or protected species, especially in vascular plant flora and invertebrate communities).

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Dactylorhiza maculata.

We have found the quarry endangered species Dactylorhiza maculata, which is included in the Red Data Book of the Leningrad region.

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How to collect ant species

We are again at the Pechurki quarry and share our knowledge

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Hygroscopic humidity

Today, we determined the hygroscopic moisture content of our soils. Сегодня мы определяли гигроскопическую влажность наших почв.

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Epipactis atrorubens. Дремлик темно-красный.

More detail study vegetation biodiversity of quarry. Начинаем подробнее изучать растительный покров карьера.

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Potential сontribution of quarry to the atmospheric CO2 sing: high or low

We have measured CO2 content of carbonates in soils of the quarry. It need for accurately predict future CO2 levels in the atmosphere, which is crucial in predicting global climate change. According to the results carbonate content in soils of the quarry is low. That means there is a potential atmosphere CO2 sink from Pechurki quarry is little.

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"Micro"diversity or diversity of alga. Introduction

We have started identify the composition of algae from the Pechurki quarry. The main idea - the variety of life in one drop is much higher than we think.

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Texture class determination. Tutorial

Let's see how to perform correct texture class determination analysis

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The vegetation sampling was carried out!

The main objective of our last trip was to study the vegetation biodiversity. Основной задачей нашей последней поездки являлось изучение биоразнообразия растительного покрова.

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Quarry session №3

The main news of the day is, that we went to the quarry again. Главная новость сегодняшнего дня - мы снова были на карьере.

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Diversity of soils in the quarry. Part 1

Diversity of soils in the quarry is great. We begin with grey-humus embryozem your acquaintance with them. Разнообразие почв в карьере велико. И мы начинаем ваше знакомство с ними с серогумусового эмбриозема.

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The acidimetric titration of a carbonate, what is it?

CO2 content of carbonates is considered to be one of the most important indicators of soil, еspecially in a limestone quarry. So, “acidimetric titration of a carbonate” that is the method we have chosen to detailed analyzes of soil. Один из важных показателей, особенно на известняковом карьере – это содержание CO2 карбонатов в почве. Так что, «ацидиметрическое тирование карбонатов» это метод, который мы выбрали для детального изучения почв.

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How to measure soil basal respiration. Tutorial

Let's see what we should do in order to perform correct measurement

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Determination of organic carbon

Data on the content of soil organic matter (humus) are one of the main indicators of fertility.

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The more the better

Work in the laboratory. We analyse data and discuss further plans.

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Invisible diversity

You need to have a magnifying glass in order to determine the diversity of species in the quarry. And you can see the wonderful world of crustose lichens. Для того, чтобы определить разнообразие видов в карьере, необходимо вооружиться хотя бы лупой. И вашему глазу откроется удивительный мир накипных лишайников.

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What are you doing on Friday night? А как Вы проводите вечер пятницы?

What we can do on a Friday night in the country? Certainly our project . Чем можно заниматься в пятницу вечером на природе? Безусловно нашим проектом.

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Unstoppable team

We are ready for the next trip to the Pechurki quarry

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Conference on land recovery

Today held a conference on the restoration of disturbed lands and how to restore it.

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How to evaluate success of ecological reclamation? Как оценить успешность рекультивации?

Today our team took a real debate. We were talking about the success of reclamation and realized that everyone understands it differently. Сегодня у нас в команде состоялись настоящие дебаты. Речь зашла об успешности рекультивации и оказалось каждый понимает это по-разному

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Results: Soil texture and soil structure of our quarry

We have identified soil texture and soil structure at the different sites of quarry. Soil texture and soil structure are both unique properties of the soil that will have a profound effect on the behavior of soils, such as water holding capacity, nutrient retention and supply, drainage, and nutrient leaching. The vast majority of soil samples are optimal for plants. There are, however, exceptions.

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Diversity of moss and its contribution to ecosystem services

We have identified diversity of moss on the quarry. But firstly let is see what does it is for. They are ecologically important for many different reasons. They help retain water and humidity, fertilize and stabilize the soil, control flooding, and provide shade and shelter for insects and small animals. Mosses help replenish the earth's acid and nitrogen levels. These are the main causes for search moss, to understand its diversity and finally, above all, to preserve it. On the quarry we have...

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On our way to achieve the goal

Our team is full of enthusiasm about the future. But we realise that we have to work hard in order to be successful in our project

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"Many years ago, there was no lake"- said the Fox.

Our team is continuing to check the work of children and we try to highlight the best of them, but it is very difficult. Наша команда продолжает проверять работы детей и мы стараемся выделить из них самые лучшие, но это очень сложно.

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Next method studying soil of Pechurki Quarry. Следующий метод изучения почвы карьера Печурки.

The density of the solid phase of the soil. Плотность твердой фазы почвы.

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Conference in St. Petersburg

Oksana Kuznetsova received first degree diploma for the report at the conference "Ecogeology-2016 ". Оксана Кузнецова получила Диплом I степени за доклад на конференции "Экогеология-2016".

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Tragedy of forest (fairy tale). Трагедия леса (сказка)

We continue to share with you the best essay about quarry. This story was written by Stolyarova Anastasia. Мы продолжаем делиться с Вами лучшими сочинениями о карьере. Эту историю написала Столярова Анастасия.

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Soil diversity of Pechurki Quarry

We have established very diverse soil cover of the quarry

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Go wild for life. Борись за дикую природу.

Today we celebrate the World Environment Day.

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Scientific work on the project. Научная работа над проектом

We came back from the quarry with new soil samples, which have to be treated. Мы вернулись с карьера с новыми образцами почв, которые тоже нужно обработать.

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Russian children's view on quarry. Карьеры глазами российских детей

One of the best essay about quarry was written by Kalinina Sofiya. And it's not just an essay. One part of the fairy tale is even written as a poem! Одно из лучших сочинений о карьере написала Калинина София. Это не просто сочинение, часть сказки написана в стихах!

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Ecology for children

During the holidays, we continue to conduct educational part of our project in the children's school camps. Во время каникул мы продолжаем вести образовательную часть нашего проекта в детских школьных лагерях.

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Time to present who are we!

Our team - 5 members. 5 different stories.

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After a trip to the quarry we started again to the physical analysis of soils

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We are again in school

We like to work with children 

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For special children

Today we have visited the shelter for children. 

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The contest among pupils

Today we have performed a contest of essays among pupils 

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New friends of our project (Новый друг нашего проекта)

Microbiologist Alexey from of the All-Russian Institute of Agricultural Microbiology (ARRIAM) came on our last trips on the quarry. He will help us to determine of genetic material recovered directly from environmental samples from our quarry and to assess levels of microbial diversity. 

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Attention please!!

Stay away from this guy

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In the wild (В диких условиях)

Adventure, sampling,  fun.... Yes! We were on quarry again! (Приключение, отбор образцов, веселье....Да! Мы снова были на карьере!)

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Methods: Walkley-Black oxidation method

We continue to carry out a study of samples in the laboratory

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What do our project and oil companies have in common?

During the first visit, five electrical vertical soundings with an LANDMAPPER device were done on  the different sites of quarry. This method was first adopted in geology by oil companies searching for petroleum reservoirs and delineating geological formations. 

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Visualisation as a key tool

Let's know how to create successful project!

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Look at this! Right now!!!

Only today and only now you can immerse yourself in the determination of particle size distribution of our wonderful career

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Cyanobacteria and algae - pioneers of the substrate settling

Cyanobacteria or blue-green algae are the active agents of biodegradation of limestone in the early stages. Studying of their composition will allow us to describe the primary processes soil formation and the formation of fine earth.

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Why educational aspect of our project is important?

Tomorrow's leaders need to be equipped for tomorrow's challenges, and we must adequately prepare our children for the future they will inherit. That requires a commitment to providing children with environmental education that helps them become the educated thought leaders of tomorrow. Будущие лидеры должны быть подготовлены к проблемам с которыми им придется столкнуться, мы должны их к этому подготовить. Именно поэтому так необходимо дать детям экологическое образование, которое позволит...

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Environmental education

We asked children: "What do you know about quarry?".

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Soil mesomorphology: results were gained

On the way to create a big scientific project

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After a hot weekend we again set to work!

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Everybody work now

It is a pity that we are not working today.

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The Diversity of Moss Flora

We observed that, based on the prevailing conditions, the bryophytes and lichens could potentially act as nurse species and could initiate the restoration of pits!

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Our team in Voronezh!

We continue to participate in scientific competitions successfully. This time it was the All-Russian Olympiad on ecology and nature management.

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Lab working days

We spend all weekdays in lab. Preliminary results of our work are ready!

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Time to gain knowledge

Last week we diligently engaged in the creation of interactive lessons

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Next method - mesomorphology

The morphology of the soil - is an external pattern of the soil, which is created as a result of the redistribution of soil products.

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Our team in Moscow (part 2)

We continue to promote the study of quarries in other regions.

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Map is the key of victory. Карта - залог победы.

Mapping allowed us to evaluate your work visually during the first trip and adjust further action. Составление карты позволило нам визульно оценить свою работу во время первой поездки и скорректировать дальнейшие действия.

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Our delegate in Tomsk!

We are very active and successful now in sense of scientific life! Our team is continuing to reach new heights in science!

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Looking to pH

We moved from words to action! We have started one of the main soil analyzes - determination of pH.

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Surrounded by persons sharing our ideas and views we have discussed the current state of affairs and formulated an action plan.

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Soon in all schools...

Today was a very productive day! We enlisted the help of the interregional environmental alliance and the Municipality of the Leningrad region. In May more than 1500 children will know about quarries, impact on the environment and importance of ecosystem restoration.

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Even during the holidays!

We have already started our laboratory work (while the others have a rest during the holidays).

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Our team in Moscow (part 1)

Scientific seminar of biodiversity and climate change was held in Moscow. Oksana Kuznetsova made a presentation which was associated with diversity of lichens in Pechurki quarry. As a result of abundant and common species were identified. Verrucaria spp. is the most abundant taxa for quarry. These species cause severe biodeterioration of the substrate surface.

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The other day scientists from different disciplines attended a department of Applied Ecology workshop where we talked about the research part of our project. We are glad to have colleagues with whom we can discuss our results.

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In the field

Yesterday was the first day of our field work. We have performed reconnoitring works. Also it was established the plan of future works. HeidelbergCement employees greeted us very warmly and friendly and we want to say them big thanks.

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First step

Educating people about the need of studying the processes of recovery of quarries is the first stage of our project. Since our project called “Biodiversity in space and time” highlighting these issues we have decided to cover territory and people of different ages as much as possible.

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