The integration of local communities is a basic aspect when it comes to ensuring the success of both environmental projects and mining activities. In our case, as the mining restoration project is linked, the creation of relationships of trust and communication in the long term can generate great benefits for both the community and the mining company, in turn causing direct positive effects on the biodiversity of the affected area.The aim of the project is to create a protocol of action that serves as a tool for accepting mining activities by local communities, using as a nexus the implementation of projects for the improvement of biodiversity in the affected territory. The protocol generated will serve as a methodological basis for the implementation of participatory processes and can be extrapolated to all types of mining operations present throughout the national and international territory.

Valdilecha's town council meeting

Today we had a meeting with Valdilecha's mayor town council and together we just set up the dates for the Conecta-Minera Workshops

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Hello dear stakeholder, would you want to come to our workshop?

We have defined our most representative stakeholders and the next step is start contacting with them to assist to the workshop, in order to add their inputs and opinions about the biodiversity projects

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Conecta-Minera step by step: stakeholder identification

We have been working hard in some “ugly” parts of our project, like an intensive search in different sources of bibliography in order to analyze them and find the best process to detect the stakeholders

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