Social awareness about how our acts affect Nature is increasing. Companies that exploit our natural resources get the social responsibility to give Nature back to an initial state or even improve the ecological conditions of those areas, so as to transform them into essential places that improve biodiversity in the region. On the other hand, we have the need of extracting aggregates, one of the most demanded natural resources for the development of our society.

Nevertheless, there is no visibility for citizens about the importance of those materials.Making it visible the relevance of the secure extraction of the resource, as long as the return and enhancement of the exploit areas, becomes an essential goal. At the same time, it provokes an economical revitalization of the rural areas where the companies set. It is for these reasons that it takes importance to show all these processes to society in order to acquire consciousness of the positive effects of this way of quarrying.Therefore, considering as an strategic learning interval the third grade in Primary school and the second in Secondary Education (being considered these as crucial for the development and maturity of scholars) we put forward the design, develop and publication of a Didactic Unit. The mentioned Unit will grant the process of aggregates extracting and the following recovery of the area in which is based, as well as the corresponding relevance amongst Human and Nature.