The first intensive study to examine the extent to which rehabilitation programs support the ecology of birds was done during the Quarry Life Awards in 2018 and a total of 695 individual birds were recorded over the period of 6 months (From February to August). A total of 108 bird species were observed and identified as documented by (Stevenson and Fanshawe, 2002). The study established the first-ever comprehensive Online Wazo Hill Quarry Database for Birds alongside their Local and Specie Name, Preferred habitat, IUCN status, Location (Latitude and longitude), and details on their ecological relationships. The online database was distributed to Wazo Hill Environmental Manager. Due to limited time and resources, these results were not delivered to the Wazo Hill Quarry Communities to increase awareness and showcase the value of rehabilitating our quarries. This study aims at targeting local communities and schools around Wazo Hill Quarry by educating and raising awareness of the bird diversity found at Wazo Hill Quarry as a result of rehabilitating our quarries via distribution of books, video documentary, and community workshops/awareness campaigns to instill commitment and awareness towards the importance of rehabilitation.