Biodiversity is a source of life for living organisms on the earth and the richest the biodiversity the healthier the species arround the given environment.There are many factors that have been facing biodiversity and cause species extinction such as plants or animals the process has much been influenced by human activities such as extraction of natural resources for the human benefit focus mainly on the development.Since Tanzania Portland Cement Public Limited Company (TPCPLC) had been established in the mid of 1966 there are many efforts that have been taken to achieve rehablitation of quarry and bring life to the lost biodiversity to protect extinction of some plants and species found at the area.The project aims to connect individuals from secondary and primary schools and community members to well understand about biodiversity and take actions at their local communities based projects as the efforts have been done by the TPCPLC for many years represented by management of Twiga Cement.Despite of the outcome achieved by the company through Quarry Rehabilitation the project will connect communities throgh online digital contents designed by Mikoko Development Foundation through design of youth programs and specific nature awards to mark the roadmap achieved by TPCPLC and connecting communities with quarry with active knowledge and awareness. Contents will be freely accessed on youtube channel and Mikoko Website by parents, guardians, teachers and university students.