Soil seedbanks are natural storages of seeds often dormant within the soil of most ecosystems. Soil seedbanks play an important role in the natural environment of many ecosystems, especially in areas where anthropogenic activities have resulted to desertification in many regions of the world.Studies on monitoring the interrelationships between soil seedbanks and aboveground vegetation are important in restoration planning process within the Wazo Hill quarry due to the fact that soil seedbanks and aboveground vegetation are highly coupled and have a strong positive feedback especially during early successional stagesThis study will investigate on the significance of soil seedbanks on the species regeneration and aboveground vegetation characteristicsSoil seedbanks will be assesed by seedling emergence method and soil sampling to obtain raw data on their diversity, density and compositionRaw data on the vegetation characteristics of the quarry will be collected after Vegetation Sampling through the Transect methodThe study will also investigate on the regeneration potential of indigenous plant species within the Wazo Hill quarry. The same vegetation sampling techniques will be used to obtain the raw dataSignificance of seedbanks in vegetation regeneration will be examined by comparing indices obtained from the raw data of the plant species of the regenerating species with those of the soil seedbanks by using  a Paired Sample T- test