This project is about habitats connectivity in the Sika-Kondji career influence area. Indeed, due to the fact that there was habitats fragmentation in this area and massive destruction of biodiversity follows from this fragmentation, it is urgent to do research about these habitats connectivity. Especially, this project will have to characterize and map the existing habitats both on the site of the quarry and beyond, as well as ecological corridors which connect them. This will help to maintain or restore the ecological network providing shelters and promoting the migration of species between habitats during quarry operating period. These shelters will constitute sources of colonizing species which will facilitate the rehabilitation of the site. On the other hand, relationships between local people and the biodiversity of this area will be identify in order to be considered in rehabilitation process. To reach these objectives, floristic and ecological inventories guided by Google earth images of this area will be done. Socioeconomic surveys will  also be  done  by administrating questionnaires to the local population.
Keywords: characterization, mapping, habitats, corridors, biodiversity, Sika-Kondji