In the limestone production system at the Sika-kondji site, the water pumped from the quarry for the water table is dumped into Tohé Lake in the village of Logokpo. The ecological functioning of the lake today is disturbed according to the hypothesis put by the local populations. As a result, this disruption causes a drop in production and a disappearance of local fish species. This problem provokes discontent and uprisings on the part of the populations who accuse SCANTOGO of being the cause. Apart from the extinction of certain species of fish, the decline in fish production in the lake has resulted in lower income for the population. This situation leads the population and especially the fishermen to reconvert themselves to other activities of anarchic exploitation of the flora. Therefore, we also note the disappearance of certain tree species, especially medicinal plants. Faced with this situation, the people of the village of Logokpo decided to design a joint action project with SCANTOGO to review the situation of their lake together and support their initiative to create a conservatory of medicinal plants on the territory of the community. On this basis it is planned, actions of restoration, revalorisation of the lake, creation of a garden of medicinal plants, education and sensitization of the populations.