The project "Sustainable Management of Ecosystem Resources around the Sika Kondji Quarry" is part of the objective of the Quarry Life Award 2018 competition in relation with HeidelbergCement's societal initiatives. This project aims to consolidate all small forest unitsin Gogo-Kondji and surrounding areas into a single functional ecological unit to serve as a transition corridor between the Mono Reserve sites and Ramsar sites; and give it a legal status of community management. The project site includes small towns such as Sika Kondji, Anagonoukpota, Doumassi Kondji, Logokpo and Devalo Kondji. It is characterized by a hydromorphic soil (vertisols), highly sought after by local communities for its agriculturalvalues.The expected results include: (i) rebuilding forest cover to make it a small functional ecological unit, (ii) enhancing of connectivity of Mono transboundary biosphere reserve sites, (iii) Implementing the forest management system awareness raising through the creation of the eco-educational smart park (school field), (IV) the reduction of pollution of SCANTOGO quarry, (v) the socio-economic structuring of the communities bordering the Sika Kondji quarry, (vi) the reinforcement of community management of villagers locals’ resources; (vii) community ownership of SCANTOGO ; environmental and social policy; and finally, (vii) strengthening and promoting SCANTOGO ; image.