Good wastewater management in quarries is a major challenge for sustainable development. This project to set up a phyto-purification station has been proposed with the aim of sustainably managing wastewater at SCANTOGO. Phytopurification is a method of sewage treatment by plants that relies on reactions in natural environments and reduces pathogens, suspended solids and organic matter such as chemical oxygen demand and biological oxygen demand. This technique is made possible by the interactions between the substrate, the microorganisms and the purifying plants (Phragmites mauritianus, Typha latifolia, Pistia stratiotes, Canna indica, Nymphaea alba ...). The project aims specifically to install a phytostation whose performance will be evaluated by the results of analysis of treated water on the one hand and to show the impact of the use of these waters in the irrigation of water. the green space on the other hand.