Mining sites occupy vast areas of arable land. After extraction, soils of these sites become poor and can’t improve plants yields. Mining activities destroy natural habitats, deracinate many plants and kill some animals. However, these sites are an important biological value if they are well maintained. Sika-Kondji mining site is not exempt from these problems. For this, we suggest to contribute to restoration of soil site fertility and it's biodiversity using free available wastes materials from the plant and career. With the wastes (green, food, limestone and clay wastes) composting, we will attract animals and fertilize soils. On soils amended with composts, various plants such as food crops (Z. mays, G. max, A. esculentus) will grow to attract insect by their flowers and leaves. For the profit of company and society, these crops will produce food and citronella will produce essential oil for local soaps improving and as bioinsecticid. At the end of this project, Sika-kondji quarry soil and surrounding villages are fertilized and their biodiversity is restored. Mining site of Sika-Kondji generates profits for the company and surrounding villages. Key words: wastes, composts, Insects, Plants, quarry, biodiversity improvment, economic.