The Lemay quarry is a 56 ha site producing limestone aggregates. This quarry, worked for more than a century, is adjacent to two other quarries: Holcim (Carrière du Milieu) and Carrières d’Antoing quarry (Sagrex).

The Lemay quarry is located close to a number of communities: Gaurain-Ramecroix, Antoing and Vaulx. The city of Tournai is 7 km north-west of the quarry.  The Escaut river and the railway line linking Mons with Tournai run close to the site.

The Lemay quarry is situated in the Plaines de l'Escaut Nature Park.

Habitat, flora & fauna description: 

The proposed zone for the Quarry Life Award is a rehabilitated former quarry belonging to Lemay quarry. The former quarry, known as “La Baguette”, is located near the village of Gaurain-Ramecroix. Following its useful life as a quarry La Baguette served as a disposal site for uncontaminated soil and inert materials prior and is now a grassland  area (Daucus carota, Rumex sp, Melilotus alba…) very attractive for lepidoptera and orthoptera (Tettigonia viridissima).

3 ponds have been digged to promote batracians and dragonflies. Some temporary natural wetland can be found here.

Ongoing nature projects

A partnership between CBR and Plaines de l’Escaut Nature Park is currently under discussions, in order to help managing the site. However others biodiversity promotion projects are very welcomed.