The Beez Quarry is an 85 ha site producing limestone. The quarry is located in the Meuse valley near the village of Beez and the city of Namur. European route E411 runs alongside the quarry.

A Natura 2000 protected area lies 800m north-east of the quarry and includes the Marche-les-Dames national forest, ravine maples and the designated Marche-les-Dames crags.

The current permit (dating from the 1990s) includes a redevelopment plan based around visual impact. From a legal viewpoint the obligation is to fill the quarry and plant trees to remove any trace of quarrying operations. The base of the existing quarry pit will probably be turned into a lake.

Habitat, flora & fauna description: 

Two areas of the quarry are proposed for the Quarry Life Award: the old quarry pit filled with limestone scrubbing sludge and the existing accessories and subsidiaries area.

The former quarry pit covers an area of 6 ha and, in addition to the backfilled pit slopes, includes an uncultivated limestone landscape area very attractive to foraging insects and butterflies (Vanessa cardui, Apatura iris, etc.) and scree slopes providing a habitat for the lizard Podarcis muralis.

When quarrying ends the existing accessories and subsidiaries area will be partially covered with water. There are currently no special habitats or species in this zone but a rehabilitation plan may be proposed for when quarrying operations cease (envisaged in the next ten years).


Ongoing nature project

> Annual maintenance of the uncultivated limestone landscape area.