The Clarinda Recycling Facility forms a critical part of Victoria’s network of world-class recycling facilities, with capacity to recycle one million tonnes of recyclables each year – around 25 per cent of Melbourne’s problem glass and construction waste – which is enough to fill the MCG every two years. It represents an important shift away from past landfill and quarry activities of the area, and is a proven example of the circular economy in action.

The site makes a positive contribution to the Green Wedge – the former sand quarry has been remediated and is now home to thousands of indigenous trees which, along with the water bodies, provide ideal habitat for dozens of native birds and frog species (38 species). The Clarinda Recycling Facility is a 100% carbon neutral site, with all emissions offset through the planting of native trees around Victoria. We will continue to work with our neighbours, local schools and community groups to further improve environmental outcomes.