Grange Top Quarry lies to the north and north west of Ketton village in the County of Rutland, some five kilometres to the west of the town of Stamford. The limestone and clay extracted provides raw materials for the adjacent Ketton cement works for the production of cement. Ketton Quarry has been an active limestone quarry since 1928, with areas at various stages of working and restoration. Its highest point lies at 100m aod. The unworked land is mainly in agricultural use, with extensive areas of woodland and scrub.

Habitat, flora & fauna description: 

The quarry is home to 26 different species of butterfly and a large number of birds, including nightingales. It includes w woodland SSSI and nearly 13,000 trees and shrubs have been planted. The company has also built a 63-metre long bat cave in the quarry. In recent years local volunteers have helped clear some of the scrub in the SSSI and grazed the grassland with donkeys. The intention is to link up all of the remaining pockets of grassland, but to leave some scrub.

Ongoing nature projects:
The local WildlifeTrust's small flock of Manx Loghtan sheep graze the area and the rate of scrub removal has been increased so that more calcareous grassland can be established.