Misson is a sand and gravel quarry situated approximately 1km south west of the town of Misson in North Nottinghamshire. The quarry produces around 150,000 tonnes a year and covers an area of 88 hectares. The material dug at Misson is loaded onto road vehicles and taken to Auckley quarry about eight kilometres away for processing and sale.

The quarry includes part of the River Idle Washlands SSSI, which covers around 10ha of the site. Parts of the site have already been restored. The majority will be returned to agriculture with pocket woodland, hedgerows with wildflower margins, species-rich grassland margins, bare substrate areas and small ephemeral pools. A sand martin face will be created and a nest box installed to attract barn owls. Breeding waders are also present.

Habitat, flora & fauna description: 

The Washlands are the best remaining examples of the type along the River Idle floodplain and are important for feeding and roosting populations of wintering and passage wildfowl.

Ongoing nature projects:

  • Sand Martin protection
  • River Idle Washlands Site of Special Scientific Interest